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Liebert UPS Systems



Kehua specialize in the design and manufacture of uninterrupted power supplies for industrial applications, offering premium-quality products, and highly reliable AC & DC Industrial Solutions.

KEHUA products

  • KR11 Plus Series (1-10kVA)
  • KR11-J Plus Series (1-10kVA)
  • KR-RM Rack/Tower Series (1-10kVA)
  • KR-RM Series (10-40kVA)
  • Myria Series (10-40kW)
  • Myria Series (60-200kW)
  • FR-UK33 Series (10-600kVA)
  • KR33 Series (300-1200kVA)
  • MR33 Series Modular UPS
  • (30kW/50kW/100kW Module)

Please get in touch for further enquiries on different brands or model types.