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Liebert products are used to provide necessary infrastructure and technology to support both small companies and/or large business networks. Liebert offer a complete spectrum of products ranging from a rack mounted UPS’s, to systems generating stable power for the likes of large data centres and/or banks.

Liebert  products

  • Liebert NX
  • Liebert 80NET
  • Liebert NXA 10 to 200kVA
  • Liebert GXT
  • Liebert Hipulse-E

Durapower Manufacturing

The Durapower UPS range is available from 3KVA up to 80KVA. DM’s locally manufactured UPS equipment is considered to be the most cost effective option when compared to foreign imports. DM designs UPS equipment using the latest control switch technology, created specifically to meet the backup power requirements of our individual customers.

Durapower Manufacturing Products

  • Durapower 2 to 5kVA
  • Durapower 4 to 10kVA
  • Durapower 10 to 30kVA
  • Durapower 10 to 60kVA
  • Durapower 10 to 80kVA


Borri specialize in the design and manufacture of uninterrupted power supplies for industrial applications, offering premium-quality products, and highly reliable AC & DC Industrial Solutions.

Borri products

  • Borri 10 to 20kVA
  • Borri 10 to 40kVA
  • Borri 10 to 80kVA
  • Borri 5k to 100kVA
  • Borri 60 to 300kVA
  • Borri 400 to 800kVA

Please get in touch for further enquiries on different brands or model types.