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We have been working in the power supply industry since 1994!

Power Development Services (PDS) specialise in a wide variety of stand-by electricity and power generating equipment, servicing a vast range of market sectors including the: domestic, commercial, corporate, industrial, and mining industry.

The PDS Group was founded in 1994 and has since prospered from South Africa’s dynamic market growth.
The Group’s superior product range and professional team have positioned PDS as one of the market’s most reputable specialist in alternative power solutions. Reference sites such as Tiger Brands and South Africa’s major banks – including Standard Bank, FNB & ABSA – are only a few of the installations PDS has commissioned and currently maintain.


The demand for sustainable energy solutions has been skyrocketing, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve already secured significant projects that showcase the potential of solar power.

One of our flagship projects is a ground breaking 600kw Solar Solution. This remarkable endeavor comprises an impressive array of 840 Solar Panels expertly integrated with cutting-edge inverters and batteries. This solar solution was installed at a prominent motor dealership, highlighting our commitment to bringing sustainable energy to even the most sizable operations.

In addition to our Solar Solutions, we’re pleased to offer a range of 150L and 200L High-Pressure Solar Geysers. These innovative geysers not only harness the power of the sun to provide hot water but also contribute to reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint.

PDS is made up of a dynamic, motivated and highly professional team of personnel, possessing over 18 years of experience in our specialist field.  Our staff component consist of a range of professionals whose expertise cover: electrical engineering; manufacturing; reticulation; power plant design & installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our alignment with worldwide leading brands is indicative of the Group’s superior product quality. Our complimentary partnerships with the likes of GDS and Kehua, guarantee PDS clients leading technology which surpass international expectation.

The PDS Group proudly upholds an uncontested industry reputation of superior product quality, professional service delivery, and impeccable after sales support. Our passion for alternative energy will ensure our clients receive the best possible power solution available.

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