POWERSTAR voltage optimization units

Powerstar Voltage Optimisation Units

Voltage Optimization Units

Voltage optimization (VO) is a transformer-dependent innovation that adjusts the voltage received from the national grid to align with the voltage needs of your organization’s equipment. This voltage alignment not only decreases your commercial energy consumption and expenses but also simultaneously diminishes your environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. This technology is occasionally termed Voltage Management or Voltage Regulation.


Voltage supply irregularities such as spikes, sags, or fluctuations, along with persistent overvoltage, can result in equipment damage, operational disruptions, and energy wastage.

Rapid voltage changes can trigger sensitive electrical devices, and consistently providing excess voltage to equipment can lead to damage or early failure.

Optimising, conditioning, and reducing your incoming voltage supply not only safeguards your electrical equipment but also lowers energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions.

The significance of commercial voltage optimization, regulation, and management is paramount for any business aiming to advance its net-zero strategy. It’s important to note that we do not provide Voltage Optimization services for residential properties.


The advantages of implementing commercial voltage optimization for your business encompass:

  1. Reducing Carbon Emissions: By diminishing your carbon footprint, you enhance your business’s environmental credentials and progress toward achieving your Net-Zero objective.
  2. Minimizing Energy Waste: Employing less energy translates into reduced electricity expenses, resulting in potential annual savings amounting to thousands of pounds for a typical business.
  3. Enhancing Power Quality: Improved power quality leads to decreased wear and tear on electrical equipment, which, in turn, can significantly extend its lifespan, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  4. Smart Energy Management Systems: You can closely monitor your energy savings, gaining insight into the extent of your cost reductions. All Powerstar Voltage Optimization systems come equipped with Remote Monitoring Capability.

The Benefits of PowerStar®

Our savings are assured, and we provide refunds if not achieved.

You can verify your savings online, 24/7.

We effectively lower and regulate voltage.

Your on-site equipment will operate with enhanced efficiency.

We have maintained our position as market leaders for over 15 years.

We’ve manufactured over 10,000 units.

Our claims are substantiated by numerous case studies and reference sites.

Our Voltage Optimisation technology holds worldwide patents.

We offer an extensive 15-year warranty.