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PDS specialises in exclusive power optimizing equipment, offering a saving of up to 26.1% of consumed electricity, through the technologically advanced voltage optimization unit known as PowerStar®. PowerStar® is renowned in the UK and Europe for its uncontestable performance in power optimization, having been installed in large commercials outlets such as ASDA; Environmental Agency; Holiday Inn;  to industrial plants; factories; hotels; and large corporations including the London Stock Exchange, to mention only a few.

PowerStar® stabilizes fluctuating voltage supplied by the National power grid to consumers, through its triple wound voltage optimization system. The PowerStar® system ensures that voltage throughput is processed at a consistent level, eliminating the effects of power surges or dips that may arise as a result of load shedding or common voltage fluctuation. PowerStar® guarantees a vast reduction in monthly electricity bills, as well as prolonging the life of any manufacturing equipment motors or machinery powered by electricity.


The Benefits of PowerStar®:

  • Up to 26.1% saving on electricity consumption (Reducing the monthly electricity charges)
  • Up to 90% reduction in harmonics
  • Improves Power Factor by up to 20%
  • Improves the life expectancy of electricity powered equipment/machinery
  • Offers a 15 year warranty
  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Provides voltage phase balancing
  • ECA can be claimed for PowerStar® M&T
  • The voltage level can be changed at anytime by authorized personnel through any PC on the network, and therefore further savings can be obtained by fine tuning the system after its installation.